RePEc Author Service

The service


The RePEc Author Service aims to link economists with their research output in the RePEc bibliographic database.  This means:

In addition, the credentials created in this service can be used on other RePEc services, like MyIDEAS. For details about where the RePEc Author Service account is useful for, see this FRED Blog post.


By registering a user creates a profile and an account in the system.  Registration process requires a valid email address and takes several screens to go through.  After main several screens, the system sends a confirmation email to the user.  When user opens the confirmation link in the email message, the user’s data is saved and account activated.

When a profile is created and each time it is updated, it is written to a static web page with a short permanent address.

Users enter the email address and a password to login.  After you login into the service, you can change any part of your profile.

The changes you do to your profile will not take effect until you log off.  If you do not log off yourself, the system will do it for you after a short period of inactivity.  It will save your changes (if any) and close your session. Other RePEc services displaying your profile may take a day to mirror your changes.

Additional services

Registered authors receive a monthly mailing, which includes statistics on downloads and abstract views of the author’s works as well as some citation analysis.

Bibiliographic data

The service is based on data collected through the RePEc bibliographic database with help of volunteers.  Learn how you can contribute to the effort.

What this service is not

This service does not allow access to any documents or data.  All RePEc data is freely available without registration on IDEAS and EconPapers, as well as on some other sites.

Leaving this aside, you will not find in this service:


The initial development of the software for the service was funded by an Open Society Institute grant to the ACIS project.

Service hosting is currently provided by the Economic Research Division of the Federal Reserve Bank of Saint Louis.

Reporting problems

To report a problem email the administrators.  Try to be clear.  Explain the context of events, all your actions that you think might be appropriate and be precise about the messages that system produced.  HTML source of the problematic page might be of help.