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I do not remember my password, how can I get it?

Request an email that sends you a link to reset your password. You can find the link next to the login button or at this link.  This will not work if the email you used for registering is not valid any more.

I do not have access to my old email address, how can I get a password reminder or get the address changed?

Ask us to change the email address for you.  Please provide old and new addresses.  We may ask for additional evidence to check for the validity of this address change.

Why do not all my works show up here?

There can be various reasons: they are not in the database at all, the publisher provided faulty data, your name variations are not appropriate, or you have previously refused these works

What is in the database? — All data in RePEc is provided by the publishers or institutional archives. They may provide data for all or only part of their publications.  To see what is currently listed, check working paper series, journals, software components, books, and chapters (links lead to pages on the IDEAS site). See also the list of participating archives.

Faulty data — The data we get from publishers may contain different kinds of errors and inaccuracies, including typos in author names.  It makes finding such works automatically difficult.  But you may try manual search and try finding your works by their title. However, if the publisher submitted several works with the same handle (identifier), the RePEc Author Service will reject them all, while some other RePEc sites may tolerate them.

Name variations — Name variations exist to help the research profile’s automatic search find all your works that are in the database.  You should have a proper set of name variations listed (once logged in click on “NAMES”).  Indeed, publishers do not have a consistent way of referring to authors.  For example, John Edgar Smith may be listed as:

  1. John Edgar Smith
  2. John E. Smith
  3. John Smith
  4. J. Smith
  5. J. E. Smith
  6. Smith, John Edgar
  7. Smith, John E.
  8. Smith, John
  9. Smith, J.
  10. Smith, J. E.

not counting misspellings.  If you fill the first, middle, and last name fields on the name variations page, and then click on the “suggestions” button, you should have a good set of relevant variations.  Do not forget to “save”. For countries that use two last names, make sure to add the relevant variations.

Refused works — You may have refused the work that you are looking for. Indeed, we will not suggest to you again what you refused. To revert the refusal, go to the list of refused items on your research page.

How can I get more of my works listed?

There are two ways.  Either get you publisher or department to participate.  Read instructions on how to proceed.  Or upload your works at Munich Personal RePEc Archive or elsewhere. See this blog post for more details.  A day or two later, they will be listed at the RePEc Author Service.

There is a misspelling or an error in the description of a document.  Whom do I report it to?

Data we get from publishers may be incomplete or inaccurate. If you discover a misspelling or another inaccuracy in description of a document, go to its abstract page and find the "corrections" section that has a technical contact.  Send your corrections to this technical contact.

Citations profile… what is it about?

The citations profile collects citations to your works by other authors.  Obvious matches are added to your profile automatically. Unclear matches are suggested to you.

I have more questions

Please check many more FAQs and tutorials on the IDEAS site.